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The Poetry Shorts Project

Photos by Kat St. John Photography



When artists collaborate, something magical happens. Something new that reflects many intentions, many ways of seeing and responding to the world. It’s easy to find beautiful, ongoing collaborations between poets and dancers, photographers, textile artists, and even graphics artists… but what about poets and independent, narrative filmmakers?


The Poetry Shorts Project, and our first film TELL YOUR CHILDREN is for people who love independent film, for people who love contemporary, original poetry, and for people who love faery tales, myths and legends. We want to create something new, something layered and engaging to present to an audience. Ultimately, we hope to inspire and encourage more collaboration among artists of varying genres.


Our producers, directors, director of photography, and actors are all active, experienced members of the Puget Sound film, theatre, and poetry communities.


We are so proud to be a female-centric, inclusive, and family-friendly production. That means that all our key crew positions are female, including the creator, producers, directors, director of photography, assistant director, and several other positions. It also means our set and shooting schedule were purposefully designed to accommodate working parents, pregnant mothers, and mothers of infants.


TELL YOUR CHILDREN is the inaugural film production of The Northwest Renaissance: Poets, Performers & Publishers. We are a non-profit (501c3) organization with more than 30 years committed to the mission to bring poetry to the communities of the Puget Sound area in Washington State. We do readings, workshops, and publications, and we’re excited to add film as a whole new way to inspire and welcome. You can find us on facebook.



We are supported by our producing partners, The Tacoma Arts Commission and 4Culture—who have already awarded the Tacoma Artist’s Initiative Program grant to this project— and by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, who will provide added distribution venues after we complete and publicly screen the films.

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