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Filming Weekend!

We did it. We filmed 3 shorts in 3 days!

And now, my amazing production team and I are taking a moment to breathe, a nice long moment, probably till after Thanksgiving. ...even if I have already answered 4 emails and a dozen texts this morning...

Funnily enough-- for someone who all but flooded social media with posts and pics and campaign updates for the last 3 months-- I took almost the whole weekend off of facebook and twitter and instagram. I put my phone away and took one single picture for the entirety of filming, and let the rest of the cast and crew snap and post and share with their networks. And I'm actually really glad I made that choice, to just immerse myself in the work of prepping for and acting and directing and interacting with the people and the stories and the spaces... in fact, I'm still discovering all the pictures "in the wild" this morning.

Of course, we have all kinds of official updates and thank yous and well-thought out, well-phrased reflections on filming... in the works. (And WAIT till you see some of the amazing shots our official Behind The Scenes photographer captured!)

But in the meantime, I'm including some of those personal glimpses glittering around the internetz right now.

It's really fun for me to see what caught the imaginations of the people in my cast and crew, and I hope you enjoy a little bit of seeing through their eyes... which is what this project has been about, after all.

Cheers! emilie

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