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May is here...already!

Producer Rose here. Wow, 2016 is going by quickly! Is anyone else noticing that?

We've been editing, sending story notes back and forth, recording voice overs, listening to music, and plotting the final stretch to get Tell Your Children onto the screen.

Demeter Wanders the Woos

Demeter in the woods.

In addition...

Our editor Kristina graduated from UW Tacoma and got married, our AD Miri welcomed a new little boy into her already great family, and our key art designer Tina is going to welcome her first little one in a month or so. Our film family continues to grow!

Amidst this, Emilie and Wonder shot season 3 of Journey Quest, Corrie has been touring film festivals here and abroad with her film West of Redemption, and Cassie started a non-profit theatre company The Serf Theatre Project. Our film family continues to create!

Pomegranate on the Shore

Pomegranate on the shore.

We haven't forgotten about your Kickstarter rewards! We are planning to get those out in July. Emilie and I will be reaching out to those who have personalized poetry.

With our key artist Tina due with a baby soon and the time needed for her to adjust to new mommy-hood, our letter press and mini poster rewards may take a bit longer. We would love to personally hand these items to you at the screening along with a round of applause for all of our backers. For those unable to attend, we will mail your poster/mini poster along with a special thank you.

Speaking of the screening, we are looking at dates in October, and will update you with an exact date. The screening night will include the films, yummy refreshments, live poetry accompaniment by Emilie herself, and music, poetry, and art from other local creators.

- Rose

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