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It's All Coming Together!

Our Premier Screening Event is almost here! Monday, October 24, 7pm at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA

It's been a little quiet because our entire post-production team has been heads down, working day and mostly late into the night to get ready for our screening. I keep starting posts, but then I get distracted with a new email, reviewing new music, adding to the credits list, etc.

So! Here's a little glimpse of things happening!

From top left: 1) Sound Notes for our animated film, Laryngitis, wherein our animator Chris M Roberson has given our sound designer, Phil M Price (no relation) fun things like "field of wheat, green zap, and magic pomegranate" to find the perfect sound for. 2) Posters for our screening event! Look for these around Tacoma! AND Just look at the final version of our beautiful artwork by Tina McGregor of Ponderosa press! The hand-drawn letters kill me. So beautiful. 3) Rose and Emilie at the Tacoma Arts Month Opening Party, handing out flyers, saying Thank You! to arts commissioners, and seeing all the amazing art on display. 4) This week's walk through (listen through?) of the films with Phil in his home studio, where he managed to create a new recurring theme/Easter egg in all the films, and celebrated with jazz hands!

And earlier this week: Test Screening #1 at The Grand Cinema! Before our event there on Oct 24, we have to make sure that our movies will: a) play on the big screen, and b) look and sound as good as possible. So this week we had a PRE-test screening to try out a couple of things. I did NOT cry when I saw the first few frames of our film on a big screen. But it was close.

From top left: 1) Animation! We had to make sure the images in Laryngitis translated to the big screen without being pixelated, and hoorah! it looked great. 2) For Demeter, we did a lot of handheld camera work, following our actor, Kat Ogden through the wooded trails and across the beaches. This brings us intimately into the story, and we get to walk with a goddess, but we wanted to do a little image stabilization for the bigger screen. So for this test, we wanted to make sure the stabilizer made a big enough difference, but that it didn't flatten anything out too much. A couple of tiny tweaks, and we're there! 3) Kristina Osborn, our editor was taking notes and making changes on the spot-- not a bad office for the morning. 4) So many thanks to Rachel Marecle at The Grand! She's been so great to work with, booking and planning the event, walking us through the needs for the screening, and giving some good feedback on our test.

And now, I'm off-- Producer Rose Hall just left after a couple hours on my couch going over our credits lists and title cards and setting a time to meet tomorrow evening to talk about the event logistics, and now I have to email a few notes out for sound effects that need some adjustment and I get to watch some animation effects tests that just came in. And eat some chocolate. Let's be honest.

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