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TYC Cast: Cassie Fastabend

As we move through post-production, here's another introduction to the wonderful women in the cast of TYC.

Cassie Fastabend

We came to know Cassie through mutual friends in Tacoma theatre. One of those situations where recommendations and referrals and another project and a table read, and oh!, there you've gone and met someone with about 3 dozen mutual acquaintances, and as it happens, she's a perfect fit for the family of 5 women you are trying to cast for your film, and oh good!, she's available and interested and willing to play in the strange little world you're creating.

Which is to say, we were very glad to welcome her onto our set playing two roles in Tell Your Children.

In "Threadbare"—a story where 4 sisters represent the seasons—Cassie plays Summer, the youngest daughter.

Photo by Kat St John Photography

In "Persephone Seeds a Pomegranate," Cassie stepped into our spin on a glossy-sweet, all-knowing Food Network-style star. (The ad libs were glorious.)

Photo courtesy Rose Hall

Like all the women in our cast, Cassie is a multi-faceted artist, with a focus both on creating and on performing, and we are so excited to see how and where she lends her voice to our Puget Sound Arts Community.

Please check out her non-profit theatre company, The Serf Theatre Project, and consider donating to their current [and quite modest] fundraising campaign at

The Official Bio: Cassie is a Tacoma-based theater actor with a BA in Theatre Arts and English from the University of Puget Sound. In addition to acting, she teaches youth theater, dances, and composes music. Cassie recently co-founded a Seattle-based theater company, Serf Theatre Co., which is in its exciting first year of projects. In the near future, Cassie has aspirations to further her education by attending a Graduate conservatory program for Acting, and eventually wishes to work for a Repertory-style theater company in tandem with self-produced work. Participating in Tell Your Children has been a unique and beautiful experience for her, and she is extremely grateful to have learned from and worked alongside such strong, creative females.

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