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Meet the Editor

Welcome to the team!

Hi, everyone!

Now that we are in post-production, we're still bringing in new, talented people to Tell Your Children. There are so many people who affect the outcome of a film, so many different areas of expertise and points of view, and we'll be continuing our Meet the Crew updates here to introduce you all.

...I say You All because, honestly, where would we be without your support? Not here. Not yet. So thank you again and always for being a part of this!

Meet the Editor: Kristina Hansen

Like most of the production jobs in film making, editing is a technical skill that must be carried out with an artist's eye. And while an editor works to support a director's creative vision, she also has a lot of room to leave her own artistic fingerprints on the film-- like how long we linger on a single visual or skim through a carefully timed montage to build a mood or the breathing space after a dramatic revelation or a joke.

And, as we explain to each new person coming onboard, Tell Your Children is unique in that it doesn't have a "script." It has poems. It has superimposed and mined narrative beats, and shot lists of varying degrees of specificity and adherence to traditional/standard scripts.

We had a couple of options with Tell Your Children-- to use 1 editor for all the live-action films OR to turn it over to 3 different people. Ultimately, we decided to go with 1 person, mainly because we realized that --for our budget and time frame--having 3 directors, and 3 separate editors would be very challenging to manage, along with our animation work that will be taking place this spring. Having made that choice, we also believe that a single editor will benefit the film in the same way a single writer, costumer, set designer, cinematographer, and composer will... creating a shared universe, a shared look and feel and mood to the project so each film can stand alone or as a whole.

We connected with Kristina through recommendations from some of our cast and crew members on Tell Your Children. She's a Tacoma local editor, and is currently finishing up her degree in Communications with a Gender Studies minor at University of Washington Tacoma. In other words, a great fit for our Tacoma-centric, women-led project!

5 Questions for Kristina Hansen

Current playlist? This Will Destroy You, The American Dollar, and God is an Astronaut

Your go-to, home-sick “comfort food” movie? The Family Stone. I really can’t explain why I am so drawn to the film but I can watch it repeatedly and not be tired of it. I absolutely love Diane Keaton and all the other actors/characters in the film. I’m all about character arcs and growths.

Director you’d love to work with? There are many, but the first one that I really admired as a child was George Romero. I love the original Dawn of the Dead and his directing techniques/creative thoughts.

What is exciting in film right now? I think VR in film is a really exciting way for audiences to experience media and for filmmakers to create their visions.

Best book you read last year? That would probably be The Handmaid’s Tale.

Other projects in the works? I am finishing up a yearlong video project titled, 2015: A Second A Day, which will be released soon on my Vimeo.

The official bio: Kristina Hansen is a USAF veteran, originally from Pennsylvania. She received her AA in Digital Media from Bates Technical College and graduates from University of Washington Tacoma (BA in Communications) in March this year. Her work has been seen in the Tacoma Film Festival and featured on Spaceworks Tacoma Tollbooth Gallery. Besides editing, she is also a videographer, photographer, and old photo retoucher/colorizer. Kristina lives in Tacoma, Washington with her fiancé and pet cat. Find her at or on facebook ( and vimeo (

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